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Crosby buys into Verton

US based hook and rigging gear manufacturer Crosby has made a significant investment in Verton Technologies, the Australian based inventor of a remote controlled load orientation system that uses gyroscopes to eliminate the need for tag lines - see: A faster safer way to install wind turbine blades.

Verton currently has three products on the market, the 20 tonne Everest 6 spreader beam, plus the Everest 7.5 and Everest 30 Spin pods which attach to and work with regular spreader beams. It is also planning to introduce the Everest 120 and Windmaster models in April.
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The Verton Everest 7.5 Spin Pod

In addition to the investment the two companies have agreed to join forces to accelerate the adoption of Verton’s products, by using its global market coverage, with the aim of improving safety and efficiency for lifting operations.

Crosby chief executive Robert Desel said: “We are thrilled to partner with Verton in this rapidly growing space. This investment is a perfect strategic fit due to our common end user base and our shared values of safety, reliability and innovation.”
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Verton's Windmaster system for handing wind turbine blades

Verton chief executive Trevor Bourne added: “With this new partnership Verton can dramatically increase the pace of innovation and the penetration of our products in the market. As a global leader with strong brand recognition, The Crosby Group creates an exciting platform for Verton’s future.”

The deal is Crosby’s fourth transaction over the past two years having acquired Straightpoint, Gunnebo Industries and Feubo.


Nice tool but what about wind forces versus sail area on the load?

Feb 11, 2021