Hybrid slab scissor

Chinese manufacturer Goman has launched a range of four dual power slab scissor lifts with working heights from eight to 16 metres.

The models are the 26ft S08D, the 33ft S10D, the 39ft S12D and the 46ft S14D. All four have a 2.44 by 1.27 metre platform with 900mm deck extension - taking the platform length to 3.7 metres. They have an overall width of 1.35 metres – a little on the wide side but still narrow enough for any double door or industrial opening.
The Goman S10D

Overall length is 2.77 metres – the deck extension is in the fixed scissor arm side, allowing a clear 900mm reach beyond the chassis – or if you prefer a 1.4 metre working outreach. Platform capacities are 450kg and 350kg on the two smaller units and 230kg on the two larger ones. Overall weights are 3,000kg, 3,280kg, 3,500kg and 3,750kg respectively. All offer drive at full height and feature traditional hydraulic wheel motors and larger diameter solid wheels and tyres.
The new machines have indoor/outdoor ratings and drive at full height

The automatic pothole protection bars are curved to improve peak angles and ground clearance when they are lowered. Overall ground clearance is good at 200mm when platform is stowed. The downside from this is that stowed heights are high at 2.59, 2.72, 2.85 and 2.98 metres respectively, and only the 26ft S08D folds down below two metres.
The machines are on the high side when stowed

Power comes from both a classic 24 volt 225Ah battery pack and a small engine with a choice of a Yanmar L70V diesel or a Vanguard 200 petrol/gas unit. Four wheel drive and outrigger options are available.

Vertikal Comment

First impressions? Ugly weird! But much of this is probably down to the dark red colour and black wheels and tyres which really do not help it. In terms of specification, it is not bad at all, while it has all the attributes of a compact Rough Terrain scissor in that four wheel drive and levelling jacks can be added, this is no Rough Terrain, gradeability is just 25 percent and by the sound of it the drive train is more like something from a decade ago.

Having said all that it may well fit a very practical niche in the market, being a good performer for classic inside work, with compact dimensions and yet do very well outside over gravel and other surfaces that challenge the regular slab electric scissor lifts.

Add direct electric drive and a brighter colour scheme and this machine could prove to be very attractive. Then it will just come down to the company’s sales, marketing and distribution network.


vertikal editor
You have a point Eric_L.The UpRight XL24CW with engine option did spring to mind when writing up this piece. That was a popular concept at the time, and who knows, perhaps there is a market for such a thing again? If not in the more developed powered access markets, perhaps in the emerging ones? "Nothing new in the world"

Mar 5, 2021

Welcome to 1986....

Mar 5, 2021
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