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Versalift goes underbridge

Versalift is to launch its first underbridge inspection platform in Europe as part of a strategic move into the market.

The company has begun to bring in purpose built CE versions of its well proven Aspen Aerials bridge inspection units aimed at larger bridges. The first unit available is the Aspen A-62 which Versalift has mounted on four axle Volvo FM 430 8X4 at the group’s Danish plant.
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The triple boom configuration consists of two fixed arms with a slew ring between them, a two section telescopic boom and a two section telescopic jib. It offers up to 18.8 metres of horizontal under bridge reach at up to 3.9 metres below deck, or up to 20.6 metres of vertical reach below deck height with under bridge reach of around 8.5 metres. The unit can either be used with a regular work platform or a smaller inspection basket, both with a capacity of 272kg.
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The A62 features two slew rings, three booms and a telescopic jib

The A-62 also does not require outriggers, has a 3.4 metre high clearance to pass over barriers or sound baffles with up to four metres outreach. Thanks to axle locks and twin counterweight systems - both of which remain within the overall width of the chassis - the unit can travel backwards and forwards on the bridge during operation and be used on either side of the truck. While this machine is focused on working below ground level, it can also reach up to 16 metres above ground level.
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the A-62 can reach 20.6 metres below deck

Time Versalift acquired US based Aspen Aerials in 2018 and immediately began working on international models to sell through its global network. The A-62 is the first product of this investment.
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The A-62 does not require stabilisers or outriggers

The company said: “It is easy to inspect and maintain bridges with equipment with the A-62 with minimal inconvenience for the public. It can operate without the need for outriggers, thus minimizing the public disturbance. Interfering with vehicular and pedestrian traffic flows causes major frustrations among the public, a problem which is resolved with this equipment. Moreover, the pressure from the outriggers can damage the deck of a bridge, thus providing additional maintenance and safety concerns. The need for no outriggers also allows operators to move the truck while the boom is deployed, which provide operators with complete flexibility and increases efficiency.“