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New concept from JMG

JMG has announced the first of an all new pick & carry forklift type crane line with the 25 tonne MC 250.09 FL.

Similar in style to a Versa-Lift industrial forklift/lifting machine - such as the 40/60 - the MC 250 features a choice of 2.49 metre long forks and/or a four section telescopic boom mounted horizontally on the top of a three section vertical box section mast which sits on the forklift mast carriage between the forks. It provides a hook height of up to 7.5 metres and a maximum reach beyond the front of the machine of 3.5 metres at which it can take eight tonnes to the maximum height with the mast vertical.

Tilting the mast forward extends the horizontal reach to five metres, with a capacity of 5.6 tonnes, although the lift height is reduced to just over seven metres. The maximum 25 tonnes capacity is available at up 500mm in front of the machine and, as with all capacities, is available at full height.
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The new JMG MC250.09L

The capacities referred to above are with the telescopic chassis extended by its maximum of 1.2 metres, for an overall length of 5.3 metres – thus 4.1 metres when retracted. Capacities with the chassis retracted are still pretty good, with a maximum of 17 tonnes at 500mm and up to 5.7 tonnes at its maximum radius of 3.55 metres.

The mast offers a forward tilt of 12 degrees and rearward tilt of eight degrees, while the horizontal boom can luff from five degrees below horizontal to 15 degrees above. When used as a heavy duty forklift the unit is equipped with 2.5 metre long forks which can remain in place along with the boom. Lift height on the forks is 2.7 metres.
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The lift mechanism uses a fork lift mast topped by a three section box type mast

Weighing 25,000kg, the MC 250 has a stowed overall height of 2.78 metres and an overall width of 1.8 metres. We understand production is scheduled to begin at the end of the year with first shipments in 2022, while plans are afoot for a 35 tonne version.
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So how does it compare with the equivalent Versa-Lift 40/60, which offers up to 26 tonnes capacity and up to 1.8 metres of forward reach at a height of 3.9 metres. It can handle its maximum capacity at 600mm or 9.5 tonnes at a forward reach of 3.05 metres. Overall length is 3.8 metres retracted and five metres with chassis extended, total weight is just under 26 tonnes.

Andrew Foster, managing director of Foster Cranes, the UK distributor for JMG, said: “The MC 250.09 is the first of JMG’s new forklift range, bringing the same cutting edge technology to forklifts as it has already done with pick and carry cranes. It’s a product we’re all very excited about and its bringing the heavy duty forklift firmly into the 21st century. We have already sold the first unit in the UK - which arrives February 2022 - and we have a great deal of interest already from the machinery moving industry.”

Vertikal Comment

This looks like a winning machine and is likely to appeal more to European visual tastes than the more rustic North American products. However while they might look a little less ‘sophisticated’ they do have a good reputation for being rugged and reliable and doing exactly what they are supposed to do.

Looking at the two products one cannot but help be reminded of the difference between the first Delta Toucan mast boom and the well established Lift-A-Loft mast booms. What happened in that case is obvious.

Looks like JMG has a real winner here. We look forward to learning more.