CAP for mast climbers & hoists

The IPAF Competent Assessed Person (CAP) programme has been adapted for the inspection and maintenance of mast climbing work platforms, goods hoists, transport platforms and passenger hoists.

The federation’s training department began work on the project in response to growing demand from the industry for a recognised programme to certify individuals as having the right skills to inspect and examine the equipment as per the legal requirements of national and international safe use standards.

IPAF’s mastclimber and related products representative, Angel Ibáñez, said: “IPAF has worked to meet demand in our part of the access industry by modifying its well recognised training for mobile aerial work platform operators to certify operators, installers and demonstrators of mast climbers and construction hoists, so it makes complete sense for us to also create a version of the CAP assessment that is also tailored to these machines.”

“We are pleased to say that this has now been delivered and will be available via selected IPAF training centres, initially in both English and Spanish. We expect take up for this new version of the IPAF CAP assessment will be strong from the outset.”


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