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A close call

One of our readers sent us a video of a boom lift being loaded from a commercial warehouse loading bay onto a flatbed truck or trailer. As one might expect when corners are cut and proper care is not taken, all did not go well.

The incident occurred "somewhere in South America" last month, but in the two or three weeks since we have received the video we have been unable to uncover much more than that.
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The man on the ground by the side of the truck managed to ‘dodge the bullet’ while the one in the platform driving the machine - who continued after it became clear things were not going as planned - bailed out in the nick of time. The drop was significant and naturally he was not wearing a harness, however no one was seriously injured this time - by luck and agility more than judgement.

The entire incident was captured on the facilities closed circuit TV cameras:

Definitely one for our Death Wish series but also for our accident database.

Have a safe weekend.


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