Prangl opens in Sweden

Austrian/international crane and aerial lift rental company Prangl is opening its own Swedish operation.

Prangl has carried out lifting contracts in Sweden for many years, and is now looking to expand its activities in the Nordic region. As such, it is opening its own company - Prangl Sverige - which is to be based in Stockholm, while an independent sales operation covers its activities in the far north.

The new operation will also act as a hub for neighbouring countries, including Finland, Denmark and Norway, with a principle focus on the wind turbines installation market.

The company has been working on the Markbygden wind farm project in northern Sweden for some time now and more recently has been installing turbines at the Björkvattnet wind farm in a remote location north west of Sundsvall - 450km north of Stockholm. It was here that one of its CC3800’s overturned earlier this year in strong overnight storms.


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