Battery management for Haulotte mast lifts

Haulotte has added its Activ’Energy Management battery system to its Star range of mast and boom lifts.

Currently available on the company’s range of all electric Pulseo boom and scissor lifts, the Activ’Energy Management system is now available on its Star 6, Star 6P and Star 8S mast type lifts as well as its Star 10 mast boom.
Low water levels can be manually or automatically topped up

The Activ’Energy system monitors battery charging parameters and adapts the charge curve depending on the battery manufacturer’s specifications. It is also features built in maintenance systems such as a desulfation cycle, an equalisation phase to ensure all battery cells are fully charged and a deep discharge recovery cycle for improved battery performances and lifespan. An optional electrolyte top up system enables batteries to be simultaneously topped up - either manually or automatically - once insufficient water levels are detected. The automatic version comes as standard on the Star 10 mast boom.
Haulotte’s Activ’Screen displays charging and top up notifications

The video below shows how the system works:


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