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Bigger Dingli electric scissors

Chinese manufacturer Dingli has launched two new narrow aisle battery electric powered scissor lifts, the 86ft JCPT2814DC and 99ft JCPT3214DC.

The two machines, offer working heights of 28 and 32 metres respectively, share most of the same componentry but have different scissor stacks, with the JCPT3214 gaining its extra height from slightly longer arms. Overall width on both models is 1.39 metres and they offer a maximum unrestricted platform capacity of 600kg, with a two person rating.
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The 86ft Dingli JCPT2814DC

The key difference between the two machines is the overall length, the JCPT2814 is 5.69 metres long, while the JCPT3214 is 6.41 metres. This extra length flows over into the platform length which is 5.08 metres on the JCPT2814 and 5.85 metres on the JCPT3214. Both offer the same 1.9 metre roll out extension though with no capacity restriction. The overall weight of each machine is 18,060kg and 22,200kg respectively, and the stowed height with the guardrails folded is 3.17 metres on both units.
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The 99ft Dingli JCPT3214DC

Other features include four wheel electric wheel motor drive, four wheel steer, levelling jacks and the ability to drive at full height. The 80 volt/520Ah lithium-ion battery pack is said to be good for a full shift and then some. Gradeability is 25 percent, and the units need to be within one percent of level in order to raise the platform.

Vertikal Comment

These new models are aimed to compete with the Holland Lift HL-285 E13 4WDS/N and HL-330 E14 4WDS/N which offer similar working heights, overall widths and weights. The Holland lift HL285 offers a 750kg platform capacity, while the HL330 is 600kg. The two units also have slightly longer roll out deck extensions at 2.2 metres but other than that, they are quite comparable – on paper.

Dingli has been making solid progress with its big scissor lift range in several European countries. Initial reactions from owners is positive, which will encourage more companies to give these units a try. A major downside is likely to be resale value, however one assumes that they will have a lower initial cost and most rental companies that run these big narrow machines tend to keep them for a long time.

The two largest markets for this type of machine are the Netherlands and Germany where they will probably be badged as Magni. Dingli/Magni is likely to find both markets a challenge as there is a strong preference for the Holland Lift models, as well as products offered by PB Lifttechnik and AB Lift. Demand is rising for these machines however, and supply is limited, so Dingli could do very well in spite of any preferences.


Its mind blowing how fast these Chinese manufacturers manage to bring out new models.

Jun 21, 2021

They abound
Impressive specs in niche market machines. Interesting to change the footprint instead of the scissor arms. Is that just something I've missed in the past? Decent SWL for a Dingli, which always seem to be low. Drive at full height must be breathtaking, particularly with some of the welding I've seen.

Jun 19, 2021
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