New 70t Tadano AT

Tadano has announced a new 70 tonne four axle All Terrain crane today to replace its two Stage IV powered ATF 70G-4L and ATF 70G-4 models. The new cranes will also adopt the company’s new combined nomenclature system and as such will be known as the AC 4.070(L)-1 and AC 4.070-1 - see: Tadano sets out strategies.
The new Tadano AC4.070(L)-1

The new Stage V models are essentially an upgrade of the current ATF 70Gs. The AC 4.070(L)-1 features the same 52.1 metre six section boom length, offering capacities of 5.8 tonnes on the fully extended boom, at up to 18 metres radius, although capacities have been improved with the boom at steeper angles and close in. The shorter 44 metre five section boom option continues to be available in the form of the AC 4.070-1, and both booms continue to offer telescoping under load.
The shorter boomed AC4.070-1

The optional nine to 16 metre bi-fold swingaway extension with up to 40 degrees of offset can be ordered with the hydraulic luffing feature as before while the maximum tip height is 71 metres. The maximum counterweight remains the same at 16.5 tonnes, but the new cranes have far more variations, providing more flexibility in terms of axle load configurations. The outrigger footprint is unchanged with a maximum of 6.4 metres.
The new model offers improved capacities at shorter radii

The crane adopts the latest Tadano carrier cab, common to all of its Stage V powered models, and also retains the dual engine concept, both of them Mercedes. The carrier engine is linked to a new ZF TraXon transmission, with rock-free and hill start assist functions. The standard drive steer configuration is 8x6x8 with all-wheel - 8x8x8 - drive/steer available as an option.

The new AML-F crane control system provides short setup times along with asymmetrical variable outrigger set up with automatic monitoring and load chart configuration to maximise the capacities for the outrigger and counterweight configurations selected.

As already mentioned, the AC 4.070(L)-1 can be configured for a wide range of axle load limits. For example, with 4.4 tonnes of counterweight and no extension it can meet 10 tonne axle load limits or carry up to 12.2 tonnes of counterweight within 12 tonne axle limits. In places like the UK, where higher axle loads are permitted, the crane can carry its full counterweight on board.
The new crane can adapt to all manner of road restrictions

The overall dimensions remain pretty much the same, with a length of 12.56 metres, a width with standard tyres of 2.55 metres and a height of 3.85 metres.


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