Crane overturns in Sacramento

A big All Terrain crane overturned in central Sacramento, California, on Saturday, while setting up for a lift - or possibly preparing to leave site.

The crane, a big Grove from the Bragg fleet, looks like a seven axle 450 tonne GMK 7550. It appears as though the crane tipped sideways while it was raising the boom off the trailing boom dolly free on wheels, or when starting to install the rear outriggers.
The scene on Saturday

The crane tilted around 45 degrees and was prevented from going fully over onto its side by the counterweight trailer. Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident and the crane was recovered during the day and driven back to the company’s yard.

So far that is the only information we have, safety crews were ensuring that no one but those involved could get close to the crane. Two videos from local news bulletins clearly show the scene:

And the recovery:


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