Second 220t Tadano for Hiap Heng

Singapore crane rental company Hiap Heng Heavyequipment has taken delivery of a second 220 tonne Tadano ATF 220G-5 All Terrain crane from local distributor Multico Equipment.

The five axle ATF 220G-5 has a 68 metre main boom plus an extension of up to 37.2 metres, offsettable by 20 and 40 degrees, for a maximum tip height of 110 metres. The crane is the second ATF 220G-5 to join its fleet following the company's earlier purchase of the first unit in South East Asia.

Hiap Heng director, Joyce Foo Hui Chin, said: “The first ATF 220G-5 that we have is resilient. The breakdown time is less compared to other brands that we have; customers are happy. Our maintenance team is familiar with them, as we mainly own Tadano cranes. Therefore, our own technicians can troubleshoot and solve minor problems. This, in turn, translates to less down time and lower maintenance costs.”
(L-R) Michael Wong of Multico with Sarah Lee of Tadano Asia, Joyce Foo and Foo See Han of Hiap Heng, Norbert Dudek of Tadano Asia, James Teo of Multico and Kentaro Haruna Tadano Asia

Established in 1980, Hiap Heng operates a fleet All Terrain, Rough Terrain and crawler cranes from its location in Bukit Merah. The company also has a fleet of transport vehicles and a vehicle repair workshop.


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