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Tadano upgrades AC 130

Tadano has updated its 130 tonne Demag AC 130-5 All Terrain crane with the addition of its variable Flex Base outrigger system.

The five axle AC 130-5, which features a 60 metre boom, will now benefit from the variable outrigger set up system. Working in conjunction with the company’s IC-1 Plus control system, it automatically calculating a specific load chart for the actual position of each outrigger, while also taking into consideration the counterweight, superstructure slew angle, main boom length and telescoping sequence. The company claims the system offers more flexibility when working in confined areas, inside buildings or in congested urban areas.
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The Demag AC 130-5 now features Flex Base

The AC 130-5 joins a growing list of Tadano cranes to feature Flex Base, including the 45 tonne AC 45 City, 55 tonne AC 55-3, 60 tonne AC 60-3 and the recently introduced AC 4.080-1 models.
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The crane joins a growing number of Tadano cranes to feature Flex Base