Fatal power line contact

A man has died after coming too close to overhead power lines yesterday in Dumfries/Woodbridge, Virginia - just south of Alexandria and Washington DC. His co-worker, 22, suffered shock and minor injuries but was able to descend the fire ladder under her own steam. The man, Edwin Romero-Hernandez, 46, was conscious throughout the rescue but sadly died later from his injuries, having been badly burnt.

The two were working from the platform of a boom lift, painting a low rise apartment block directly under a 16,000 volt overhead power line. It seems they simply boomed up and came within arcing distance of the power lines. The incident knocked out the power supply between 20 and 30,000 residents in the area. The two survived the shock, but remained in the platform for around three hours before the crew from the the local fire department were able to confirm that it was safe to rescue them, using a fire ladder.

The 66ft Skyjack SJ66 telescopic boom lift appears be relatively unaffected by the incident.

Prince William fire and rescue issued a statement saying: “Both patients have been rescued and transported to Sentara Medical Center in Woodbridge conditions unknown. The victims were identified as both adults one male and one female.”

The deceased man's daughter Daniela is trying to raise funds to pay for her dads funeral via a GoFundMe page - click here to access it.

We will update this if and when we learn more.

The video below was provided to local news services:


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