Five dead after crane's boom buckles

Five construction workers died and two others were injured when a crawler crane boom buckled while lifting a 30 metre long reinforcing bar ‘skeleton’ or form for the foundation beam of a new flyover road in the Ecatepec suburb of Mexico City yesterday.
The scene shortly after the incident occurred

The aging lattice boom crawler crane was lifting the rebar on the site of an elevated road to the new Felipe Angeles International Airport, currently under construction at the old Santa Lucia military base in the municipality of Ecatepec de Morelos.

The five men were, we have been told, guiding the long structure when the crane's boom simply gave way and came down on top of them. They are reported to have died instantly. The authorities have already blamed it on overloading,
The crane itself

We will of course update this item is and when we learn more.


Yet another 5 reasons to never be underneath a lifted / suspended load. Such a sad story. : (

Sep 5, 2021

May the deceased rest in peace. What a shame this accident was.

Sep 5, 2021
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