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CMC bulletin update

Spider lift manufacturer CMC has updated its safety bulletin for its Models S25/83HD+ and S28/92HD+ asking owners to immediately remove them from service if they do not already have a top boom welded plate retrofit installed. The recall follows three incidents in which two injuries and one fatality were reported.
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The bulletin states: “CMC is requiring that lift models S25/83HD+ and S28/92HD+ that have not been retrofitted must be immediately shut down and removed from service until the retrofit is installed.”

The retrofit is provided free of charge and will be carried out by the company or an approved technician.
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The retrofit involves an additional reinforcing plate under the top boom base

In the USA a toll free number has been provided (1-888-831-0398) or you can email [email protected] for additional guidance.

You can access and download the bulletin from the safety bulletin section of our Library.

Most of these models have been sold in North America and have been very popular. The original bulletin asked owners to inspect the area and organise the retrofit if there were any signs of cracks or weakness. Many of them have already been carried out, or with more recent machines installed prior to shipment.