Crane tips in Germany

The jib of a self-erecting tower crane came down onto the roof of a house in Köhlstrasse, Germany, on Friday morning.

The crane was lifting a section of prefabricated concrete when it lost stability and tipped. The jib came to rest on the roof of an adjacent property, causing significant damage to both the roof and the crane. It also brought down an overhead power line and there were initial reports of smoke coming from the roof prior to the power being disconnected.
The crane came to rest on the roof of a neighbouring property

The roof prevented the crane from completely overturning, and no one was harmed in the incident, however given the unstable and precarious position of the crane, the Wiesbaden fire brigade evacuated 50 residents in the vicinity and cordoned off the area. Three All Terrain cranes from Riga Mainz were later bought in to upright the crane before it was dismantled and removed from site.
It was later recovered by three cranes from the Riga Mainz fleet

Photos courtesy of the Wiesbaden fire brigade


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