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Cela launches trailer range

Italian aerial lift manufacturer Cela has launched a new two model range of trailer mounted lifts with the introduction of the 22 metre DT 22 Trailer and 25 metre DT 25 Trailer that feature the same dual telescopic booms as its DT 22 and DT 25 truck mounted platforms and spider lifts.
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Cela has added two trailer lift models to its portfolio

The smaller DT 22 Trailer (DT 72 Trailer in the US) offers a maximum outreach of nine metres at an up & over height of 14 metres with an unrestricted platform capacity of 230kg. It also offers a below ground reach of approximately three metres. Overall stowed length is 5.95 metres, with an overall width of 1.85 metres while it is just over two metres high. The total weight is 2,950kg, so not one for a small car, and can be towed at speeds of up to 60mph/100kph. It has an outrigger footprint of 3.6 by 3.65 metres plus a narrow spread of 2.4 by 4.8 metres.
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The DT 22 and DT 25 offer working heights of 22 and 25 metres

Similar to the DT 22, the DT 25 Trailer (DT 80 Trailer in the US) offers up to nine metres outreach at an up & over height of 14 metres with its unrestricted 230kg platform capacity. A extra telescopic jib section provides the extra working height and takes the outreach to 12 metres with a 120kg platform capacity. It also offers a slightly improved below ground reach of approximately five metres. Weighing slightly more at 3,000kg, the DT 25 offers very similar dimensions with a 5.92 metre stowed length, a width of 1.85 metres and a height just over two metres. It also offers the same towing speeds as well as standard and narrow outrigger positions.
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Dual telescopic booms provide an impressive up & over reach

Both models feature electric over hydraulic fully proportional controls, power to the platform, radio remote controls and the ability to set up on slopes of up to 12 degrees. Optional features automatic levelling outriggers, smaller, larger and 1kV insulated baskets, a 260kg hoist, air and water to the platform, and an ultrasonic secondary guarding system.
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They also offer below ground reach

Power comes from a diesel plus AC/electric power, however lithium ion battery power is said to be available. The new models join the company’s DT range of seven truck mounted platforms, six spider lifts and a single van mounted lift model.

Cela chief executive Paolo Troni, said: "We assessed that there was a possibility of generating interesting features for the market by using our type of double telescopic boom and mounting it on a trailer; furthermore, the North European and US markets requested it. For technical characteristics and performance a double telescopic boom like ours is not comparable to other trailers currently being sold."


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