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Taken for a ride

We have received a terrifying video of a crane being used to reposition a scaffold tower with a man on the platform.

We are unsure exactly when or where it was taken, but clearly it was decided that it would be quicker and easier to simply lift the tower from one spot to another, rather than dismantle and re-erect in the new location. To make matters worse a man is taking a lift with the tower, in order to ‘guide’ it into place.

Where to start with this one… the tower and guardrails are not designed to be lifted in the first place, but even if they were the manner in which it has been rigged looks very haphazard. The addition of the person adds a whole new level of risk, as he is lifted approximately 10 to 15 metres in the air over all manner of concrete walls, formwork and steel rebar.

The chances of the rigging failing or the guardrails breaking free are higher than the chances that they wouldn't, given the additional weight on board. With no tag line in sight to steady the tower it’s a miracle he remained in place.

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Definitely one for our Death Wish series and its very fortunate no one was hurt.

Be sure to have a safe weekend.