Techno range from Fassi

Fassi has launched a new Techno range of loader cranes starting with the introduction of the 119 tonne/metre F1450R-HXP Techno.

The base F1450R-HXP 2.4-1 crane features a six section main boom - two folding sections and four telescopic - and can handle its maximum capacity of 25 tonnes at four metres radius, and 10.1 tonnes at its maximum radius of 11.15 metres. It can also be supplied as the F1450R-HXP 2.8 with a 10 section boom, which can handle the 25 tonnes at 4.3 metres or lift 690kg at 19.5 metres. The 2.8 version can also be installed with Fassi's new seven section L826 jib to offer a maximum tip height just over 35 metres and a radius of 31.5 metres with capacities of 1,700kg and 1,465kg respectively. Three additional manual sections are available, taking the maximum radius to 36.95 metres, with a 330kg capacity. The maximum up & over height is 23 metres with an outreach of 18 metres and 1,450kg capacity.
The F1450R-HXP is the first model in Fassi's new Techno range

The new crane includes dual lift cylinders on both folding sections, a new slew ring with dual drive motors and 360 continuous slew. It includes the company's new FX990 electronics and control system, complete with seven inch touch screen colour display, variable outrigger set up and V7 radio remote controller. The range also features a new 10 sided ultra high yield steel boom.
The new 10 sided boom offers improved performance

The latest V7 remote controller

Other features include Fassi’s FSC-SIII stability control system, which combines the technologies of its FSC-H and FSC-SII systems to offer two operating modes, single or dual lever. Its Jib Dual Power (JDP) function automatically monitors the load and set up to provide the best performances. This can be manually activated or disabled using the remote controls. The SoftTend function is said to offer increased boom speeds while eliminating or reducing 'load swing' caused by an abrupt stop against the mechanical limit switch.
The FX990 seven inch touch screen colour display

The IoC (Internet of Cranes) telematics system and DMA (Dynamic Maintenance Assistant) function allows users to view various details of the crane, such as maintenance and service intervals, operator safety and machine use. The new cranes are completed with a new line of sensors that comply with EN12999 - set to come into force in 2023 - EN13849 and EN280.


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