32m Dingli scissor

China’s leading specialist aerial lift manufacturer Dingli has released two new heavy-duty narrow-aisle big scissor lifts, topped by the 99ft JCPT3214DC.

The new models - which also includes the 86ft JCPT2814DC - build on the technology from the company’s 22 metre models which have proven to be exceptionally popular in many parts of Europe over the past two years.

Working heights on the new models are 28 metres on the JCPT2814 and 32 metres on the JCPT3214, both have a 750kg platform capacity - or 600kg unrestricted. Overall dimensions are 1.39 metres wide by 5.69 and 6.41 metres long respectively, with an overall height of 3.17 metres with guardrails folded - the extra height on the 3214 comes from longer scissor arms rather than an additional stack.

Overall weight is 18,300kg on the 2814 and 22,200kg on the 32 metre model while platform lengths are 5.08 and 5.85 metres, both being 1.2 metres wide.
The two machines have the same stowed height

A 1.9 metre roll out extension creates a 7.75 metre long work platform on the 3214 and just under seven metres on the 2814, both can drive at full height. In spite of these being slab electric machines four wheel drive and steer is standard. Power comes from an 80 volt/520Ah high capacity lithium battery pack feeding AC motors, which are said to be good for three to four days of typical work. A 620AH full traction battery option is also available.

Dingli says that having shipped hundreds of its 22 metre working height models - both narrow aisle and wide - they have provided a wealth of input that it was able to use on the two larger machines, and that it has used this to "meet all the ‘picky’ requirements that customers have contributed to their reverie about large scissor lifts.”

Vertikal Comment

The uptake of these Chinese-built mega scissor lifts over the past two years has been astonishing - it is highly likely that Dingli is the market leader in this market sector?
One thing is for sure, these models have certainly expanded the market for these big scissor lifts, which should benefit all manufacturers who are active in the sector. What it might have done to rental rates is possibly another issue.


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