Big AT overturn

An eight axle All Terrain overturned in Groningen, the Netherlands on Tuesday closing down the local Ikea store.

The crane, from the Schot group was setting up in preparation to lift a large heat pump, when it went over, it looks as though the issue was ground related, possibly exasperated by being short rigged, and with no counterweight installed as the boom was extended at a relatively low angle.

Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident, but the boom nose came down hard on a grassed area right on top of an underground gas main. The store was closed down for the rest of the day while the emergency services investigated possible damage to the gas line. A green light was given sometime later, allowing the recovery to get underway. Damage was limited to the crane and the car park surface.

The video below comes from the local news service


Good Morning Mr Tower,

Thank you for your kind words, as it was nice of you to write.

Please have the courage of your convictions and sign off in your real name as anyone who attempts to justify 1110 Crane and Lifting Incidents causing 610 fatalities in the past 14yrs needs to be known worldwide by his true identity ?

why, because Worker Safety on-site is important, very important and much too important to leave it to chance?

Thank you and Kind Regards
Mike Ponsonby

Feb 25, 2022

Mike Ponsonby, You seem to be very judgemental for someone who compares human errors to lightning... that is as ridiculous as it is ludicrous.
You seem to trivialize such incidents like they were intended... how about you spell check your criticisms before you make such strong accusations...

Feb 24, 2022

FAO Roel van der Heide - CEO of Schott Cranes.
Postbus 9060
1800 GB Alkmaar

Good Morning Mr van der Heide,

Your overturned Mobile Crane depicted above in Groningen had the potential to kill innocent people
and therefore it follows that someone should speak up
for Safety, expressly Worker Safety.

Therefore as I personally have researched and recorded 1110 Crane Incidents which has already Killed 610 Men and Women worldwide since Monday 7 May 2007. It is my submission to you that Worker Safety is important, very important and much too important to leave it to chance.

1. As such, your companys Overturned Crane above in Groningen is Mobile Crane Incident number 444 in my 14yr Database of 1110 Crane Incidents.

2. Poor Outrigger Set-up was a significant causal factor in 557 of these Crane incidents worldwide with many fatalities as a result.

3. Please investigate this incident from A to Z and publish your Final Report on this excellent website. So that the Crane Industry Worldwide can learn from it please ?

Finally and in closing, an Accident is only an Accident if it is Accidental, that is a not foreseeable incident such as Lightning. However if the incident itself is Foreseeable such as Poor Outrigger Set-Up then the resulting overturned Crane is not accidental
because it was foreseeable. The fact that you did not intend it to occur does not make this potentially fatal incident an Accident.

As yours was one of 4 Crane Incidents in 4 days last week it confirms once again that should the Crane Industry continue like this, then you and your colleagues will not get Employers Liability Insurance at any price.

Thank you Kind Regards
Mike Ponsonby

Feb 23, 2022
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