Fatal entrapment incident

A man has died following an entrapment incident involving a scissor lift at a barn conversion in Yorkshire, in the UK on Monday.

The man, a local businessman, was using a scissor lift that he had owned, working on the barn conversion he was building for himself. He was working from the elevated scissor lift when he reversed it at height and came into contact with an overhead beam which pressed him against the lift controller which he was unable to release due to the pressure.

His death was declared when the police and fire service arrived on the scene.

We will update this item when we learn more. What it does highlight is just how easy such an incident can occur, even when the person is familiar with the equipment as he apparently was. It just takes a brief lapse for such an incident to occur.


A simple error, and such huge consequences for the man and his family. So so sad.

Apr 1, 2022
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