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Saipem 7000 crane vessel damaged

The world’s third largest Semisubmersible crane vessel Saipem 7000 has been involved in a lifting incident and was thought to be in danger of breaking up off the coast of Norway earlier today. We understand that the vessel has levelled up and has now been stabilised.
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The Saipem 7000 shortly after the incident occurred

The incident occurred earlier today off the coast of Stavanger, Norway, when a hoisting cable snapped, allowing the load to drop and causing a significant whiplash effect with caused the Saipem 7000 to list over to one side. A crawler crane on the deck was damaged, while smaller barges alongside were flipped over.
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A crawler crane booms was among the damage caused during the incident

Thankfully no injuries were reported among the 200 people on board at the time, but we understand that the vessel has suffered some damage. Saipem said that it is investigating the incident and would not comment until that was complete.

Saipem 7000 was scheduled to return to Scotland in the next week or two to continue the work it had been doing on the Seagreen offshore wind farm. It had taken a break for a routine maintenance and inspection visit.