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New generation LGMG slab scissor lifts

LGMG has launched a new second generation of CE and Ansi certified slab electric scissor lifts. The 14 model range is made up of seven base models, with platform heights from 19ft to 46ft, and working heights to 16 metres, all of which are available with either hydraulic or direct electric wheel motor drive – so 14 models altogether. The units are all classic slab electric sizes, including the:
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LGMG’s second generation slab scissors

19ft x 760mm wide S0607II with hydraulic drive and S0607EII direct electric drive version, in the first generation line up this size was only available with traditional hydraulic drive,
The 20ft x 830mm S0608II and S0608EII This is a new category for the company, the first generation line up jumped from a 19ft compact to a 26ft narrow.
The 26ft x 830mm S0808II and S0808EII
The 26ft x 1.2 metre S0812II and S0812EII
The 32ft x 1.2 metre S01012II and S01012EII
The 39ft x 1.2 metre S01212II and S01212EII And finally -
The 46ft x 1.27 metre S1413II and S1413EII
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the full line up – 14 units

The new machines have platform capacities of between 230kg to 450kg, and all are indoor and outdoor rated, with a two person rating for indoor use or one operator for outdoors. The lower control panel features a seven inch display for faster easier troubleshooting and set up, complete with multi-lingual support and Bluetooth modules for remote control.
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The lower controls control panel

As is normal these days parts commonality between models is high, but also between the first and second generations. In particular fast wearing parts, major electrical and hydraulic components such as joysticks, motors, pumps, controller and charger are all interchangeable with the range, with the commonality of layout, making it easy for service technicians to perform regular maintenance or repairs, helping reduce the overall cost of ownership.
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the improved swing out trays

Other changes include upgraded components, a new swing out component tray design with improved component layout, more space and better access for service or repair. Electrical components are also better protected from water ingress. All new generation models are also available with a lithium ion battery option, for percent maintenance-free operation, faster recharging and longer duty cycles between charges.

LGMG will be exhibiting at Vertikal Days next month, and might just have some of the new models on display.