79 Tadanos for Expertise

Saudi Arabian contractor and heavy equipment rental company Expertise Contracting has purchased 79 new Tadano cranes.

The details from Enterprise are basic at this point, but we do know that the order, the largest it has placed in 15 years, includes 50 units of the three axle 55 tonne AC 3.055-1 plus 17 x five axle 130 tonne AC 5.130-1, 11 units of the 250 tonne AC 5.250-1, and one eight axle 500 tonne AC 8.500-1.

The contract for the new cranes was signed by Tadano Europe chief executive Jens Ennen and Mohammed Asif chief executive of Expertise. The company was established in 1999 and is based in Jubail on the Gulf just north of Dammam. It is a major industrial conglomerate working in Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East. Its divisions serve a variety of market sectors, including petrochemical, oil & gas, fertiliser, steel, cement, water treatment, and power generation.

We will update this when we receive more information.


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