HSE mastclimber Alert

The UK’s Health & Safety Executive has issued an alert regarding a serious technical fault that it has found on some mastclimbing work platforms.

It says that the issue is related to mechanical faults in drive units, that if left undetected could cause a sudden drop of the platform, resulting in “serious injury, or even death”.

It indicates that the problem exists with platforms that rely on two separate motor drive units per mast, stating that they are not always equipped with sufficient means to prevent the platform falling in an overspeed situation, especially if damaged or unmaintained.

It adds: “Failures in drive units can be such that neither the centrifugal brakes (intended to limit the speed of descent) nor the automatic brakes (intended to engage when powered travel is stopped) within the drive units are able to have an effect.”
It advises that users/owners should inspect and check machines immediately or withdraw them from service unit it is possible.
If the control measures are not in place, you need to withdraw the MCWPs from use until those responsible for supply, installation, use, inspection, servicing, maintenance and for thorough examination of MCWPs ensure that:

To see the full bulletin: Simply on the following link: https://www.hse.gov.uk/safetybulletins/mast-climbing-work-platforms-mechanical-failure.htm?utm_source=hse.gov.uk&utm_medium=refferal&utm_campaign=mast-platform-safety-alert&utm_content=home-page-news
We will update if and when we learn more.


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