First LRT 1090-2.1 in Switzerland

Swiss crane company Clausen Kran has taken delivery of a 150 tonne Liebherr LTM 1150-5.3 All Terrain crane and a 90 tonne LRT 1090-2.1 Rough Terrain, the first in Switzerland.
Switzerland’s first Liebherr LRT 1090-2.1 arrives with Clausen

Owner Geri Clausen said: “The LTM 1150-5.3 is a powerful all-rounder allowing flexible use thanks to its variable driving conditions. Its five axles make it very compact and manoeuvrable. With the detachable boom, it also offers a great advantage for a variety of operations in our mountainous region.”

Co-owner Cornelia Clausen-Ogi added: “The LRT 1090-2.1 Rough Terrain is an ideal addition to our crane fleet, enabling us to offer our customers customised solutions for their projects.”

The five axle LTM 1150-5.3 is equipped with a 66 metre, seven section main boom plus a bi-fold swingaway extension that offsets by up to 40 degrees. A seven metre insert can be added to take the maximum tip height to almost 95 metres and maximum radius to 72 metres. It can also carry nine tonnes of counterweight within 12 tonne axle loadings.
The new crane will be used for installing and dismantling tower cranes, along with work in chemical plants, power stations and on mountain cable car projects. The fact that it can be easily stripped down to an all up weight of 31 tonnes is an ideal attribute for mountain applications.

The 90 tonne LRT 1090-2.1 features a 47 metre main boom and a 10.5 to 19 metre bi-fold swingaway extension with up to 40 degrees of offset. It comes standard with the Liebherr VarioBase automatically variable outrigger base and wider tilting cab.
(L-R) Geri Clausen and Cornelia Clausen-Ogi with Reto Studer of Liebherr

Clausen Kran was established in 1972. The fleet currently consists of seven mobile and crawler cranes with lifting capacities of up to 250 tonnes as well as three heavy duty tractor units.


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