Bespoke Comansa

Comansa has designed and built a customised 21LC1050 flat top tower crane for Norway’s Aibel offshore/shipyard in Haugesund, north of Stavanger.
The bespoke Comansa 21LC1050

The manufacturer supplied the crane through its local distributor Rental Group, which also helped with the design specification. The 50 tonne crane, is mounted on a 10 metre portal and was designed cope with working alongside the sea and to cope with the resulting harsh weather conditions, including the D25 wind zone standards.
The crane is mounted on a 10m portal

The crane has been installed with an 80 metre jib, on the construction site of the Johan Sverdrup Phase 2 (JSP2) process platform, Aibel’s largest project to date, where it has been used to lift a wide variety of different loads 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The single crane is able to reach the entire platform with more than enough capacity in hand for the lifts required.
The crane can reach all areas of the project

The new tower crane is equipped with numerous safety options, including a vision camera on the trolleys to view the loads and the environment more safely, while also monitoring, alarm signals, high luminosity LED lights on the boom for the area workstations with on/off from the ground, signalling lights to EN14439, counterweights protected with galvanised steel frames, stainless steel electrical cabinet, activation of the wind release system from the base of the crane and a Geda operator hoist.
The Geda operator hoist

The Aibel yard lent its facilities and helped to pre-assemble the necessary parts which arrived in 32 trucks. A 500 tonne All Terrain crane with a tip height of 115 metres was used to install the crane, the heaviest element to assemble was 23 tonnes.

Once the foundation was laid and the portal installed, the crane was assembled in two days.


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