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First in Scotland

Bernard Hunter Mobile Cranes purchased Scotland's first 2.98 tonne Maeda MC 305 CB-3 at Vertikal Days last week, and chosen the Lithium battery pack power unit. This unit will be the third lithium eco unit to be delivered in the UK.

While the deal was agreed at Vertikal Days last week, Bernard Hunter has a 30 year relationship with Kranlyft and already runs Maeda spider and mini crawler cranes in its fleet.

MC305CB-3 appeared in prototype form at Vertikal Days last September and is now in production, it features a five section main boom which can handle 790kg at a height of 12.5 metres and 260kg at its maximum radius of 12.16 metres. The maximum capacity is available at a radius of 2.5 metres.

Power comes from 55 volt 180Ah lithium-ion battery pack provides up to 14 hours lifting operations and can be fully charged in 4.5 hours, or to 80 percent in three hours. White tracks come as standard while black tracks are optional. It can also be ordered with radio remote controls, a single fall hook as well as 850kg and 1,500kg searcher hooks.
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Simon Marnock of Kranlyft (L) concludes the sale of the Maeda MC 305 CB-3 lithium with Mark Rafferty of Bernard Hunter at Vertikal Days

Simon Marnock of Kranlyft said: “We have been working with Bernard Hunter for more than 30 years and have a great relationship, we are happy that Mark and Jim have chosen another Maeda mini crane, to push forward with the eco-friendly way of working.”
Mark Rafferty added: “Bernard Hunter is working towards a Net Zero Carbon future, and addition cranes such as this fully electric zero emission Maeda 305 will help us in achieving these goals.”