JLG's New Perspective

Last week JLG wrapped up several weeks of open days at its new Power Towers/JLG UK production facility in Leicester, under the heading New Perspective.
JLG’s new plant in Leicester hosted the New Perspective events

The series of events were organised in place of attending this year’s Bauma exhibition, due to be held in Munich this October. The company calculated that the huge expense of attending Bauma, which can easily run into hundreds of thousands of dollars, would be better spent on adding additional customer facilities at its new plant which will serve it well for many years to come. Sadly, some of the days the event ran also conflicted with this year’s Vertikal Days, although many overseas visitors, especially those travelling from greater distances, decided to take the opportunity visit both events.
the EC450AJ

Some key new product launches on display included the CE version of the new 670 SJ Self-Levelling 67ft telescopic boom lift, the RT4769 Quik Level Advanced self-levelling compact Rough Terrain scissor lift and the latest 45ft/52ft electric articulated boom lifts - the EC450AJ and EC520AJ. As well the recently launched battery electric conversion kit for the 66ft 660 SJ diesel boom lift, now available with a lithium battery pack option, and the 22 metre telescopic X22SJL spider lift built for the company by Hinowa.
There were also a number of new models and features unveiled on the Power Towers low level access range, including a new higher reaching Power Tower with a 5.9 metre working height.
The 660SJ diesel converted to battery electric with new lithium ion battery pack

Here are a few photos from the event, and a little more detail on some of the new products on show.

The 670SJ

For most visitors this would have been the first opportunity to actually test drive the 670 SJ Self Leveller themselves. It was set up at the bottom of a ramp with a secondary one sided ramp near the top. The controls seem a little complex when faced with them for the first time, but a large display screen helps show what is happening, and why the machine has just cut out a particular function.
It also has dual control enable devices - a classic time sensitive foot pedal, plus a strong detent ring on the main controllers. As you drive up the ramp the dynamic levelling function is almost imperceptibly smooth, and about as idiot proof as is possible. The downside to that are the more sophisticated and involved controls, which might prove challenging on an average everyday job site? Although it is undoubtedly a formidable tool for some specific applications, it is possibly over complex and overly expensive for more mundane routine jobs?
The 670SJ Self Leveller

At the top of the dual ramp slewed over the side

The RT4769 Quik Level Advanced

The RT 4769 compact Rough Terrain scissor lift can now be ordered with self levelling independent axles - the Quik Level Advanced. The concept is much simpler than the 670SJ, and in essence replaces the levelling outriggers of the standard machine with independent auto levelling axles although it can be ordered with outriggers. Unlike the 670 SJ the levelling is not dynamic and will suit any application where the standard machine is normally used, particularly where levelling up on slopes is a frequent requirement – it avoids the need to think about outrigger mats and is therefore faster and more efficient.
the RT4769 Quik Level Advanced

The axles level the machine up in place of the outriggers

One of the four levelling cylinders- note the counterweights which compensate for the weight of the outriggers

The X220SJL

This new telescopic spider lift introduces a range of new design features, including a larger dual entry platform that can be retrofitted to other models in both the JLG and Hinowa product ranges. It features larger diameter guardrails, and a new replaceable deck surface. The four section eight sided synchronised boom offers a maximum unrestricted capacity of 230kg, with an outreach of up to 12.4 metres. When the outriggers are set up in a narrower position, the outreach is reduced to 8.5 metres, although the full outreach in this configuration is possible with 136kg in the platform.
The new X220SJL 22m telescopic

The X220SJL also includes a perfectly vertical lift function up to 18 metres at a seven metre outreach and a little higher at five metres outreach. Ideal for working on facades. Other features include automatic ‘Go Home’ or ‘Go Back’ functions, standard remote controls for use on the ground or in the platform - where the controller clips into the console, variable outrigger set ups and several power options, including all electric/lithium battery, diesel, or diesel/battery bi-energy.
The new, larger dual entry basket

Low Level/Power Towers

The growing JLG low level product range was also subject to some new introductions, including new vertical guardrails to prevent standing on the mid-rail.
(The new vertical guardrails

An adaptable material carrier for tubes or panels on the outdoor rated Power Tower Duo, a wider non powered Eco lift for outdoor use and a 5.9 metre version of the original Power Tower.
The Power Tower Duo with material carrier

The new plant

The new facility was reviewed in Cranes & Access magazine just as the company moved in, during a UK Lockdown in 2020 See: Power Towers on the move. It is now working at full steam, with the potential to add further capacity as demand grows. The latest addition to the plant, is the new Innovation Centre, a three storey internal construction that features a full height display/presentation area, and two upper floors of hospitality space open to the display area.
The new Innovation Centre ground floor

In summary - an impressive plant worth a visit.

And now for something completely different - an Oshkosh Striker Voltera three axle all-wheel drive airport fire tender - a real beast of a machine


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