Production begins on 3,000 tonne Ringer

Earlier this month Huisman and BMS Heavy Cranes kicked-off the production of the 3,000 tonne Ringer Crane and marked the event with a celebration ceremony at Huisman’s production facility in the Czech Republic.
The event follows the legal challenge from Mammoet in February claiming ownership of the intellectual design rights. The action was dismissed by the courts in April on the basis that lawsuit was unsubstantiated and illegal. It was then ordered to communicate this publicly. See: Mammoet’s action illegal.
The event included commencement of a robot welder to join the first parts of S690 steel. BMS confirmed the contract earlier this year. The crane has been designed and optimised for operations in the wind industry with the capability to lift components of 1,200 tonnes to heights of up to 225 metres as well as handle heavy structures up to 3,000 tonnes at a reduced height.
Claus Toft of BMS Heavy Cranes (L) and Tomas Zamarski, of Huisman, Czech Republic activate the robot welder

The crane has full electric drive, in order to reduce emissions and while improving operational accuracy and energy efficiency. Delivery is scheduled for the second half of 2023.

Huisman employs ‘Wire & Arc Additive Manufacturing’ (WAAM) robotic welding technology, a specific subtype of metal 3D printing which is similar to conventional welding, to produce mid-size to large complex shaped components with high grade tensile steel. An important benefit of 3D printing is the significant reduction in delivery time at a cost that competes with forgings and castings, combined with a more consistent level of quality.


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