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Mammoet’s action against Huisman illegal

A Dutch court has ruled that Mammoet’s allegation that Huisman had infringed its intellectual property rights with the 3,000 tonne ringer crane it was building for BMS was unsubstantiated and illegal. It has been ordered to communicate this publicly. See: Mammoet investigates BMS ringer

The full retraction is as follows:

Dear Sir, Madam,

In February 2022, Mammoet has alleged that Huisman is possibly infringing on its intellectual property rights with Huisman’s 3,000mt ringer crane contract with BMS. The suggestion of IP infringement is unsubstantiated and therefore unlawful against Huisman. The Provisions Judge of the District Court of Midden Nederland (The Netherlands) has, in a judgment of April 28, 2022, ordered Mammoet to share this rectification. On behalf of Mammoet, I hereby request you to remove any information based on the press release shared with you earlier, or alternatively, to add the contents of this letter (in full) to your article.
Yours sincerely,

Mammoet Holding B. V.
Paul van Gelder, CEO

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The 3,000 tonne Huisman ringer