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An incident waiting to happen

One of our readers who appreciates and uses the Death Wish series we publish, sent us a video that is unrelated to lift equipment, which he calls “Precision driving in Italy.”

We are not at all convinced that it really was taken in Italy, although it does have a feel of the driving techniques in some parts of Southern Europe and more likely North Africa from a decade or two ago, which some of us have experienced and even driven in.

Regardless of where it was taken, it does provide some interesting lessons and bemusement.
Have a safe weekend.


It wan not taken in Italy

Jun 20, 2022

vertikal editor
So there are lessons to be learnt after all - Be more observant and beware of posting too quickly on a Friday afternoon. Many thanksl

Jun 19, 2022

It wasn’t taken anywhere, because it’s very obviously fake and built using visual effects/CGI.

Jun 18, 2022