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New Eco port crane for Venice

The FHP group has ordered an eco-efficient Generation 6 Konecranes Gottwald ESP.7B mobile harbour crane for its Multi Service Terminal in the Marghera Port near Venice, Italy.

The crane is intended to upgrade the bulk handling operations at the port by increasing efficiency while reducing emissions. The order was booked in April, with the crane due to be delivered and commissioned in November.

FHP manages logistic platforms in Carrara, Livorno, Monfalcone and Venice, and manages the Multi Service Terminal (MST) in Venice, which provides a wide range of port handling services including bulk cargo handling.
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one of the existing Konecranes Gottwald mobile harbour cranes at the port of Marghera

The Konecranes Gottwald ESP.7B has a working radius of 51 metres with a capacity of 125 tonnes. The crane is equipped for an external electric power supply, to eliminate local emissions and reduce noise. For unplugged operation, the crane uses an onboard Stage V diesel generator The crane will also be also adapted for bulk handling, with strong load chart curves for improved performance. It also has smart software and digital services in line with Italy’s National Industry 4.0 Plan.

Chief executive Alessandro Becce said: “We already operate older Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbour Cranes at Marghera and other FHP terminals, and they’ve always performed above our expectations. FHP Group continuously works to decrease its carbon footprint. For this reason, we’re very pleased to have a new Generation 6 on order, which is part of Ecolifting Konecranes, from eco-optimising diesel drives to hybridization and fully electric fleets. With improved performance and additional features, we’re really looking forward to seeing how it handles bulk at the Multi Service Terminal.”