Haulotte updates Compact range

Haulotte has completely upgraded its Compact range of slab electric scissor lifts.

The five new models follow classic overall width and heights and include 20ft and 26ft narrow models with an overall width of 810mm, plus three 1.2 metre wide models with platform heights of 26ft, 32ft and 39ft, with working heights of 7.8, 9.8, 12, and 14 metres respectively.
(The new compact line up]
The Compact 10N and Compact 14 are indoor only, while the other three have both indoor and outdoor ratings and platform capacities of 250kg to 450kg. The overall length of the units is 2.5 metres.
The Haulotte Compact 10N

One major change on the new machines is a move to synchronous AC direct wheel drive, rather than hydraulic. However, the company has decided to go with rear wheel drive and fit the front steering wheels with sensors to help ensure smooth turning even when the front wheels are fully turned to more than 80 degrees.
The Compact 12

The new chassis and scissor stack design is more rugged than the units they replace, with all critical components such as the drive motors and steering wheels fully integrated and protected from damage through crashing into obstacles while driving. All five units drive at full height and feature active pothole protection and 940mm roll out deck extensions.
All units have 940mm deck extensions

For example, the steering cylinder and sensors are located behind the solid front chassis frame cross plate, while the rear ladder and battery charging sockets are fully built into the counterweight which serves as a heavy duty bumper. To simplify loading onto transport, both lateral and longitudinal forklift pockets are available.
On the scissor stack, the cable and hose routing have been integrated while heavy duty scissor stack cross brace tubes help improve platform rigidity and guardrail tubing is heavier gauge and larger cross section.
New heavier guardrails fold for easier access under obstacles

Folding guardrails are standard, while Haulotte’s Sherpal telematics suite is optional as is a new Lidar secondary guarding system on the upper control box which monitors the operators position in real time and cuts the machine if any obstacles or strange movements from the operator are detected.
The new Lidar secondary guarding

Access for service has been given some serious thought and optimised with electrical and hydraulic componentry separated and access improved, while the routing of hoses has been carefully designed to avoid the risk of friction and leaks. The new scissors are also equipped with Haulotte’s Activ’Energy Management and intelligent CAN BUS charger, which constantly monitors battery parameters to ensure optimal charging, and incorporates dedicated charging cycles for battery maintenance (desulfation, equalisation, etc.). To reduce maintenance costs and effort, the lead acid batteries can be equipped with manual or automatic centralised electrolyte top up systems.
The battery pack

The Haulotte Activ’Screen on-board diagnostic tool is also available via the Haulotte Diag mobile application, which also offers advanced diagnostics with detailed resolution procedures.

Vertikal Comment

This is an interesting redesign for Haulotte, there is no question that the time was right to do so, however it has made some interesting choices. For example, the move to direct electric drive makes total sense, as does the selection of more efficient and lower maintenance costs of Synchronous AC motors.

However, its choice of placing them on the rear axle is interesting given that compact AC drive motors are now widely available for mounting on the front steering axles, which help with steering on tight turns as they pull in the direction of travel. Mounting them on the rear is simpler and saves the power cord from the need to flex while enabling them to be better protected from damage or contamination.

Adding these factors to the lead acid battery pack, heftier chassis, guardrails and scissor stack and it looks like Haulotte has decided to go for a tough durable model line to take extreme real world abuse, rather than more delicate sophistication. Given that slab electric scissor lifts are the mainstay of most rental fleets this could well prove a good call.

We will of course follow up and report back


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