New Jekko Mini Pickers

Jekko has launched its new 990kg battery powered Mini Picker pick & carry crane/glass handler - the MPK10 having announced its initial plans for the crane last May. The new model is intended to build upon the success of its 660kg MPK06.

The MPK10 features the same basic design as its smaller sibling but with a higher - 990kg capacity. The new crane is fully compliant with EN13000 and has a 3.5 metre three section boom with a maximum tip height of almost 4.5 metres and can lift 430kg at a maximum radius of 1.75 metres. The crane has nine degrees of slew either side of centre - i.e. 18 degrees in total.
The new all electric Jekko MPK10 Mini Picker

The overall width is 955mm, the stowed length 2.28 metres and overall height 1.5 metres. The crane weighs 970kg or 1,200kg with removable counterweights installed. Off-road run-flat tyres with twin front wheels are available for improved traction and stability on uneven grounds, but increase the overall width to 1.144 metres. With the side outriggers deployed the width is 2.6 metres. Maximum travel speed is 4kph.
The MPK10 can also be fitted with a six cup glass handling attachment

As with the MPK06, the new model is equipped with two 12 volt/155Ah traction batteries powering an electric motor and pump, with direct electric wheel motor drive, allowing simultaneous operation of three functions without cross interference.

The MPK10 can be used with a hook or a 990kg capacity JVM10 vacuum manipulator fitted with six suction cups powered by a dual vacuum system for glass handling. A second 600kg capacity manipulator can also be fitted for increased reach.
The standard crane controls are located on a wired remote

The crane is pedestrian controlled through the onboard rear drawbar for drive and steer, and a wired remote controller for crane functions.
A new radio remote controller is also available as an option, which can control both the machine and manipulator. When not in use it can be stored in the tool compartment located at the front of the machine where a second battery for the radio control, the recharge plug and the hook can also be found.
A new optional radio remote control is also available

The controller stows in this front compartment when not in use

Sales director Alberto Franceschini said: “The MPK10 - as well as the brand new MPK20R to be unveiled at Bauma - are part of Jekko’s next generation of products in the Mini Picker range destined to meet the requirements of a vast customer base asking for user friendly, simple, safe and reliable machines to be used in small or large lifting works but always featuring a creative and innovative approach that only Jekko can offer, even in supposedly simple cranes as the minipickers.”
With the side outriggers deployed the width is 2.6 metres - note the slew function

MPK20R at bauma
Jekko has also announced plans to unveil the all new MPK20R at Bauma later in the year.


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