Multitel MJ 685 for Go Up

Italian aerial lift rental company Go Up Noleggi has taken delivery of a new 69 metre Multitel MJ 685 truck mounted platform with tilting operator cab which has gone to work on the San Nicola stadium near Go Up's base in Bari.

The MJ 685 needed its full 68.7 metres of working height to carry out the maintenance work replacing LED lights and in order to gain access to the mega stadium screen, suspended from the upper tiers/roof.
Working at a height of 36m on the massive stadium screen

The Stadio San Nicola is a multi-use all seater stadium mainly used for football matches as the home of SSC Bari. Designed by local architect Renzo Piano it was built for the 1990 FIFA world cup and resembles a flower, consisting of 26 ‘petals’/upper tiers on the higher ring. It is the fourth largest football stadium in Italy with a capacity of more than 58,000.

Although the overall transport height of the platform mounted on a 36 tonne chassis is four metres - exactly the same height as the access tunnel into the stadium - Go Up technicians were able to squeak in by lowering the tyre pressures reducing the lift's overall height by a few centimetres. Once inside the pressures were restored allowing the machine to move to the various work points within the stadium and use its maximum outreach of 35.5 metres with a platform capacity of 120kg or 32.6 metres with 280kg and 31.5 metres with 400kg.
The MJ 685 has a 68.7m working height

To access the LED lights at the top of the upper ring, the technicians worked at a height of 44 metres and an outreach of 17 metres. To reach the 8.8 metre long, 5.28 metre high screen they worked at a 36 metre height with 26 metres outreach. In both operations the maximum weight in the platform was 280kg.
Work to the screen was carried out without needing to relocate the truck mount, helped by the 360 degree continuous slew and 180 degrees of platform rotation.

Go Up has been covering southern Italy for 20 years under the leadership of chief executive, Giuseppe Traversa who said: “The MJ 685 is the tallest platforms allowed on public roads and we like its solidity, reliability, speed of movement and ease of driving. It is an ideal truck mounted platform for construction, renovation, steelwork, cleaning, installing and fitting, industrial maintenance and wind power.”
To access the LED lights at the top of the upper ring, the technicians worked at a height of 44 metres with an outreach of 17 metres


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