Death Wish confirmed

If you have read the digital or print versions of the July/August issue of Cranes &Access magazine, you might have noticed a photograph we published on the Training page as the regular ‘Who trained them then?' column.

The photo features two men riding a flat open platform mounted on the end of a seven section crane boom to a height of around 35 to 40 metres, accompanied by a large sofa. In the magazine we said: “We have no idea where or when this occurred and think it may well be a fake.” However, we have since received a Tik Tok video which seems to show, that as crazy as it looks, it was in fact a real occurrence. We have since managed to track down more information and other sources and now understand that the incident occurred in Turkey, although we have yet to categorically confirm that.

Definitely a major one for our Death Wish series!

Have a safe weekend


At least they should've sat down on that couch, while being lifted.

Aug 8, 2022
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