Sennebogen’ s first battery crane

German crane manufacturer Sennebogen will launch its first battery powered telescopic crawler crane - the 50 tonne 653 E Electro Battery - at Bauma this October.

The new crane, developed in collaboration with the manufacturer’s Dutch dealer Van den Heuvel, can apparently work completely emission free, while retaining the flexibility of a diesel, thanks to a ‘Dual Power Management System’.

The 653E uses a similar set up to the battery powered 817 Electro Battery material handler launched earlier this year, simply driving the main pumps with a large electric motor, rather than the diesel. Power comes from a 210kWh battery pack which allows the crane to be operated while plugged into an AC outlet with the mains power driving the crane functions, with any excess power used to top up the battery pack.
The new Sennebogen 653E

The 653 Electro Battery is naturally also quieter while eliminating the maintenance requirements of a diesel engine.


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