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New MLC300 boom inserts

Manitowoc has launched a new Wide Boom Plus kit for its 350 tonne MLC300 lattice boom crawler crane, extending its lift height to 131 metres when used with the VPC-MAX superlift system and extended upper boom points. The kit is made up of several 3.5 metre wide boom inserts that are installed to the base section and topped by a transition section to which the regular boom is connected. Aimed at wind turbine installation and adds almost 30 metres to the standard maximum height of the main boom.
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The wider boom inserts are installed between the base and the regular boom

Manitowoc product manager Brennan Seelinger said: “Wind turbine work above 90 metres currently requires a 400 tonne or larger crane, which can result in higher costs for operation and transportation. Our new boom inserts will open up more jobs for our crawler crane owners and increase utilisation of our MLC300 with added flexibility.”
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Manitowoc claims that the height of onshore wind turbines in the USA has increased by nearly 60 percent over the past 20 years and now average around 90 metres. Wind turbines are expected to continue to growing in size as companies seek to harness more energy from a given location.