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New Tadano HK 4.050-1 for Bissinger

German service, transport and rental company Auto Bissinger has taken delivery of a new Tadano 50 tonne HK 4.050-1 truck crane. The new crane is the company’s second Tadano, having already purchased a 100 tonne ATF 100G-4 All Terrain.

The HK 4.050-1 is mounted on a four axle Volvo FH 500 chassis and can travel on public roads with its maximum 8.5 tonnes of counterweight on board, while still coming in at less than 9.5 tonnes per axle. The crane features a 35.2 metre four section boom, with the option of a 9.3 metre swingaway extension which takes the maximum tip height to almost 48 metres. Bissinger did not take the extension, but ordered the crane with all the brackets and fittings for it, so that it can be easily added at a later date if needed, or when selling.
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The hand over at Tadano in Lauf

Director Jürgen Bissinger said: “Our decision to buy this our second machine from Tadano is based in no small measure on the very positive experience we’ve had with our Tadano ATF 100G-4 All Terrain crane. The crane is road legal in Germany without any special permit, with up to 4.5 tonnes of counterweight so we can be prepared for all eventualities.”
“The flexible H-style outriggers have five different set up widths and extra long 750mm jack cylinders. These are a major advantage, especially when working on sloping surfaces, because in many cases they mean we can dispense with timber cribbing, which saves time and reduces the onboard weight.”
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(L-R) Michael Zieger of Tadano, with Volker Seeland and Jürgen Bissinger of Bissinger and Frank Brachtendorf of Tadano

The crane’s operator Volker Seeland added: “At a working radius of seven metres it can lift up to 20 tonnes, and, with the main boom fully extended it can still lift 7.6 tonnes, or 4.6 tonnes at a 20 metre radius. It can handle lifts for which you’d otherwise need an All Terrain, and that’s another reason why it’s such great value. The new crane is also big on comforts, with air conditioning, a sleeping cabin, a refrigerator, and a coffee machine. When choosing the equipment and configuring it the boss took our needs on board and was really generous.”
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(L-R) Michael Zieger of Tadano, with Volker Seeland and Jürgen Bissinger of Bissinger and Frank Brachtendorf of Tadano

The new crane will be used for jobs such as loading and unloading containers and heavy machinery, along with prefabricated building construction and in the company’s heavy recovery business.

Jürgen Bissinger said: “We are increasingly having to travel long distances, especially for jobs for the prefabricated building sector. And on these sorts of long journeys, the HK 4.050-1 is definitely a much more comfortable way to go than an All Terrain crane. We can also complete three short jobs in a day, which is becoming an increasingly common scenario for the firm.”

Founded in 1963, Bissinger is based in Karlsruhe, with two other locations between Pforzheim and Stuttgart. Now owned and managed by a third generation of the family, it employs around 50 over its three locations, providing traffic safety services, including towing, salvage and oil removal, as well as special and heavy transport and lifting services. The fleet includes tow trucks and a range of cranes from 40 to 100 tonnes.