First 14 Billenniums for Germany

The first 18 metre Almac Billennium 1890 EVO Quick-Pro self-propelled/spider lift tracked telescopic boom lifts have arrived in Germany.

The Alamac/Alma Crawler concept of a self-propelled telescopic boom lift with outriggers that can also drive at height - albeit restricted - was unveiled in April 2021 See: (New spider booms from Almac), in the form of a 15 and 18 metre models with two versions of each, topped by the 1890 EVO Quick-Pro. The concept made its German debut at Innovationstagen in May, with the first 14 units - most of them the 1890 EVO Quick-Pro - having just arrived with local distributor Sahalift where they are now going through their Pre Delivery Inspections prior to shipment to waiting customers in Germany and Austria.
The first 14 Almac Billenniums arrive in Germany

The maximum platform capacity is 250kg with a maximum outreach of up to 10.4 metres, while the unit has an overall weight of 2,900kg.
Sahalift managing director Yama Saha said: "We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers a product with the Billennium that more than meets the challenges on the market. Good cooperation with our suppliers is crucial to meet the challenges on the market as is a fair partnership with our customers.
Franz Jennissen (L) and Yama Saha of Sahalift


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