Konecranes Gen 6 crane for Finland

Finnish specialist rental and service company Adolf Lahti and stevedoring company Rauanheimo have taken delivery of Finland’s first Konecranes Gottwald ‘Generation 6’ mobile harbour crane at the Port of Röyttä in Tornio, Finland, next to the Swedish border.

The new crane has been commissioned and is handling general cargo and containers, it is the largest and most modern crane of the six cranes the companies operate in the port of Tornio.

The new ESP.6 crane has a working radius of 49 metres and a capacity of 125 tonnes. As one of the new Generation 6 mobile harbour cranes, it offers stronger lift chart curves, allowing it to reach larger vessels and work at higher handling rates. The crane has been prepared for an external power supply, so it produces zero local exhaust emissions and reduced noise while running more efficiently when connected to the port’s mains outlet. For unplugged operation, it uses an onboard Stage V diesel generator set.
The new crane at the port of Röyttä

Konecranes launched its sixth generation crane range last year and has already delivered a good number of them. See: Konecranes Generation 6
Adolf Lahti chief executive Pekka Pöllänen said: “Crane operators at the ports where we recently took over operations have had excellent experience with the Konecranes Gottwald brand. In the Generation 6, handling performance and reliability are at a whole new level and the eco-efficient electric drive system supports our sustainability efforts.”

Adolf Lahti and Rauanheimo are both subsidiaries of KWH Logistics, Finland’s leading port operator.


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