New Potain MDT and new 100t Grove RT

A new Potain MDT City tower crane and 100t Grove Rough Terrain crane were unveiled at Bauma yesterday.

The new six tonne Potain MDT 159 City flat top crane has a maximum jib length of 60 metres and fills the gap between the MDT 139 and MDT 189. The new crane is aimed at small to midsize building projects with up to 10 floors, and it has been designed for tight urban jobsites.

The new model has easier transport and installation, with the entire upper section fitting into three containers. The Manitowoc Crane Control System (CCS) helps improve communication between the crane and on-site staff. The technology also enables the lifting and distribution ropes to be fixed at ground level, reducing assembly work required in the air.

The MDT 159 features two new trolley systems, the DMP with permanent four falls and the SM/DP with an automatic reeving system, which offers the ability to automatically change reeving at the flick of a switch. It is also one of the first models to come equipped with the new Potain Connect telematics system.
The new Potain MDT 159

As with other cranes in the series the MDT 159 is driven by frequency inverters and is equipped with a 33LVF15 hoist winch.

The new Grove GRT8100-1

Also unveiled on the Manitowoc stand was the new 100 tonne Grove GRT8100-1 Rough Terrain crane, an upgrade of the popular GRT8100. It will be available next year with a number of enhancements, mostly stemming from a new chassis that shares componentry with that of the 120 tonne capacity GRT8120.
The GRT8100-1

The GRT 8100-1 also includes an updated engine and transmission package and a new, wider cab. The new crane maintains the same overall dimensions, counterweight and five section, 47 metres full power boom of the existing GRT8100, but now offers the option of the MAXbase variable outrigger system.