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Skyjack clears SJ20 E for Europe

Skyjack has announced that its 20ft SJ20 E mast type lift will finally be available with CE - European -certification in the new year.

The SJ20 was launched for North America last February and offers a 7.95 metre working height with 159kg platform capacity, and has an overall weight of 1,170kg. The machine also includes direct electric wheel motor drive, a five section mast extended by a single multi-stage hydraulic cylinder i.e. no chains or sequencing straps. The platform includes a traversing deck with up to 410mm of overreach, and similar to other Skyjack mast lifts is at the rear of the machine or rather the opposite end to the steering axle. The optional outdoor rating is one person up to a working height of just six metres/13.2ft platform height. The first units should arrive in the first quarter of 2023.
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The new Skyjack SJ20 E

Product manager David Hall said: “In common with the existing SJ12 E and SJ16 E the SJ20 E lift features proportional lift and drive controls with full electric drive, the latter in response to the growing demand for vertical masts with increased duty cycle expectations. The SJ20 E features an onboard diagnostic system. By providing operators or service technicians with real time faults in plain simple language, we’ve eliminated the need for plug-in calibration for day to day troubleshooting.”

“In common with the other Skyjack vertical masts, the SJ20 E features the new green ECO label accompanied by an ECO Matrix which details additional sustainability benefits. Our new models are examples of how we’ve been able to bridge practicality with sustainable efficiency by decreasing the overall carbon footprint for our customers.”
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They abound
Let's just hope they use better quality cables than on the smaller ones.

Nov 8, 2022