Crane overturn on Bauma site

A four axle All Terrain overturned yesterday during the Bauma tear down, which is still underway on the Munich Messe showground in Germany.
The scene yesterday afternoon

We have no details of what happened in the incident but the live closed circuit cameras, which are publicly accessible on line, clearly pick up the incident, which seems to have occurred on the area to the rear of where the Paus and Sennebogen stands had been. So far nothing has moved, and no recovery operation is yet underway.
just after midnight a crawler crane was moved into place

As far as we know no injuries were reported, and the number of people involved were few. If we learn more we will, of course update this item.

We now know that the crane operator had not set the outriggers, and slewed over the side with the main boom fully elevated, and reportedly at least 10 tonnes of counterweight installed. As a result it overturned rearwards throwing the operator, 58, from his cab. He did suffer some relatively minor injuries and was apparently treated as an outpatient at the local hospital.
Note: while this version of events comes from someone onsite, and the visual evidence appears to corroborate it, it is currently based on a single source

The recovery also got underway at around midday on Tuesday, with two large cranes from local crane rental company AKM carrying out the work. see: Bauma live webcam starting at around 13:00. the stricken crane was back on its feet - with outriggers set just after 14:00.


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