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Ukraine appeal targets 10,000 generators

The rental industry charity to funnel aid to Ukraine the Plant & Hire Aid Alliance has set a new target to send 10,000 generators to the country. It is appealing for individuals or companies from around the world to donate – no matter how little - to the fund, 100% of the donations will be used to purchase generators at - discounted prices - for direct shipment to Ukraine.

The move comes in response to Volodymyr Zelensky’s pleas to an emergency conference in Paris. When he said: “generators have become as important as armour in helping Ukraine to survive this winter. The latest Russian bombardment is nothing less than ‘blackout and energy terror’, creating a desperate situation that has left as many as 12 million Ukrainians without power to heat their homes.”

Many Ukrainians get just three hours of electricity per day, not nearly enough to combat temperatures that rarely rise above freezing. The forecast for Kyiv this week is -4°C in the daytime and -11°C at night, putting thousands of lives at risk.
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Jeremy Fish, the founder of the Alliance said: “For just £270, you can send a generator to keep these families warm. This includes the elderly, as well as small children and babies, who are at serious risk from the cold. We’ve all recently experienced the misery of bitterly cold weather, but just imagine going through that with no power for heating. It doesn’t bear thinking about. We’re appealing to colleagues across around the world to join us to help reach this ambitious target of 10,000 generators.”

Please help

If you would like to help, either as an individual or as a company, you can rest assured that every penny of your cash donation will go directly towards generator orders for immediate dispatch from Germany directly to Ukraine.
For those based in the UK ‘Gift Aid’, can boost your donation by 25 percent at no extra cost to you.

The gensets will all be despatched directly from Germany to Ukraine. To find out more, and to make a donation, please visit
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For more information on the alliance visit or email: [email protected]

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