Charging for recharging

Nationwide Platforms, the UK arm of Loxam has introduced a fee to recharge electric machines that are off rented with less that 75 percent battery capacity. The charge depends on the size of machine, but ranges from £5 to £15.
The programme is spelt out in a letter to customers shown below.

We're introducing a simple and straightforward fee structure on our electric fleet to cover machine battery charging. From 16 January 2023, when we collect a machine that has less than 75% battery charge, a fixed fee will be applied to your final invoice.
We won't apply a fee if the machine has 75% or more charge remaining when we collect it, or if we deliver the machine to you with less than 75% charge. The fee structure we're introducing is as follows:

We're committed to supporting the environment and have invested significantly in our electric fleet to support the change that is urgently required to slow down the growing impact of climate change.
Our aim is to be the most environmentally sustainable powered access supplier in the market, and we are committed to supporting our customers with reaching their environmental sustainability targets too.
Best wishes,

Chris Thomas
PAD Finance Director

(The actual letter can be seen below)

The rationale for this policy was explained by Nationwide’s legal compliance and property director Brian Stead in an interview in the October issue of Cranes & Access- see page 43. Or you can download the article simply by clicking here.


Steve O'Brien
The good thing is, as they have telematics on most of their machines, if you speak to the team about getting viewing access to the module you can see what the charging level is on the battery. More often than not you can see that a "won't work" fault is because it's not been charged for 3 weeks!

Jan 4, 2023

They abound
How are they going to measure that, then? Nationwide batteries only last for an hour anyway!

Dec 25, 2022

Telling it how it is
It should be a days rent, and should be applied by all hire companies

Dec 21, 2022
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