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Solar panel placing robot

USA based company Bailey Speciality Cranes and Aerials has launched a new solar panel installation robot, Solar Trax 824. This is the company's first robot capable of installing solar panels in a large solar farm/field, and a result of several years of effort.

The company has a history of developing assembly products such as aircraft assembly robots for Boeing, spacecraft clean-room machines for Northrop Grumman, to explosion proof lifts used by the American Airforce.
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The Solar Trax 824

The Solar Trax 824 will lift panels 2.4 metres high and traverse seven metres allowing it to handle most Solar Farm/Field designs. The base machine is track driven, resulting in good traction and the ability to handle soft ground conditions. Designed for rough terrain and steep slopes, the upper assembly will automatically level itself as the machine moves.

Other features include a 7,500 watt generator, a Deutz diesel 2.9L tier 4 final powwer unit, and a trolley boom stow function with boom rotation of 90 degrees.